The Houston Northeast Community Development Corporation is a 501(c) (3); faith based non-profit organization that was created out of the needs of its burdened community. 

 Our mission is to engage with the community for the development and sustaining of educational and economic empowerment. The focus is on providing life changing solutions aimed at meeting the needs of the elderly, economically disadvantaged adults, and at-risk youth. 

Our primary purpose is to promote sustainable revitalization through residential, commercial and economic development, historic preservation, education and the empowerment of our neighborhoods.

Currently, we have a great team of volunteers and supporters, who live and/or work in the area allowing a possibility for direct grass-roots participation and decision making including, but not limited to the Jensen Community Civic Club (Sunbeam Curry), local churches and businesses, The Greater Northside Management District, elected officials and a host of other city, county and state agencies who continuously and diligently work to support, preserve, protect and restore the Eastex /Jensen community.

Annually, we host The Jensen Jubilee Fall Festival in which we gather a variety of vendors together with the primary purpose of providing resources and education to the community, all the while “Taking Jensen Back!”  In October of 2016 we began to contribute financially to the students in the Eastex Jensen Area by providing scholarships using this event as a conduit to do so.  


The momentum, attendance and partnerships of this event have all shown significant growth, ultimately providing us with the opportunity to broaden our reach as we celebrated the highest number of attendees, with more than 600 people in attendance.

This year’s parade and festival will be held on October 17, 2020 from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm.  

For general donations or to become a sponsor, click the link below to make your contribution towards TAKING JENSEN BACK!